All the staff of the Unit is fully specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. During the first visit, a detailed history of the child and family will be taken and, depending on this, additional tests will be performed. For example, if the history indicates a respiratory allergy, appropriate allergic skin tests to aeroallergens are done. If, on the other hand, the history is compatible with food allergy, the appropriate food allergens shall be tested. In the case of respiratory allergy involving the lower respiratory tract, lung function testing is performed with spirometry and possibly an exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) test. As a rule, further testing with blood tests is requested. These, together with the treatment prescribed, are assessed at a second appointment at which the characterization of the allergic disease is usually completed. Depending on this, the course of the disease, the treatment goals and the general plan for future monitoring are determined and explained to the parents/guardians.


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